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Fair trade Chocolate

The Ethical Easter Egg

Great Ideas March 30, 2017

Easter is the most powerful of  Christian observances. Resurrection Sunday is full of hope and celebration!   One of the traditions surrounding Easter is children filling baskets with chocolate. When my children were young we would attend a sunrise church service on Sunday morning and then return home to discover chocolate eggs placed under pillows, on window sills and in cereal boxes.  As they grew older we created scavenger hunts to find milk chocolate bunnies & eggs.  It was during this yearly ritual and I came to believe choosing Fair Trade Chocolate was so important.

Fair is the Heart

Great Ideas January 20, 2017

Your heart started beating before anyone knew you were conceived.  It is the first internal organ to be formed and starts beating 16 days after conception. A human heart will beat some three billion times over an average lifespan. Amazing. No wonder the heart is the international symbol for love. The heart is also the most popular image associated with Valentine’s Day.