Presentation is an art. A beautifully wrapped gift speaks volumes before you open it.  My faux wedding cake gift wrapping idea is simple to follow. The Bride and Groom will be delighted that you created such a sumptuously wrapped gift just for them.

The backstory to my creative gift wrapping is more than just having an artsy flair. I started wrapping with extravagance with the World Vision gifts we exchanged with family members at Christmas. The personalized card describing the gift is placed in a box adorned with bows and an ornament that represents the enclosure. The wrapping is a statement about the bountiful blessings the gift will provide for a family.

Gift Wrapping

hat box and cake stand

Wedding and baby showers inspired more creative wrapping ideas. I noticed how towels and diapers were being tied together with pretty ribbons and stacked like a cake. My faux wedding cake gift wrapping idea was realized with the round hat box sold at craft stores. It is the perfect shape to mimic a cake. Nested sets makes it easy if you are doing a tiered cake. I use Wilton’s Grecian pillars for stacking multiple layers.

What a spectacular way for the bride and groom to receive their present! The boxes are small so the size must match. Gift cards are the perfect choice. I prefer to give a Ten Thousand Villages gift card. They feature unique, fair trade handmade gifts from around the world. Perfect choice for a couple starting a new life together!

tiered cake

For an elegant presentation I glue the decorated hat box onto a plastic platter or cake pedestal. I have used both glass and metal. It provides a realistic look for your faux wedding cake.

White Wrapping Paper Makes a Crumb-free Icing!

No worries about crumbs with wrapping paper to ice your faux cake. However there is a trick to wrapping a hat box. Wrapology shows how to wrap a circular shape.

Using the swirl method you pleat the paper on the top and bottom so the sides are smooth for decorating. A paper circle or doily can be placed on top to cover up the pleats. They can also be concealed with florals or a bow.

pleated wrapping.jpg

Decorating your Faux Cake

Decorating your faux cake is less messier than using fondant and buttercream. Of course they are no match in taste testing. Wilton cake decorating sets are great but I have never been able to reproduce a pretty shaped flower using the rose tip.

3 layers

I use all kinds of artificial flowers for decorating a faux cake. I buy paper, dried, polyester and silk. I remove blooms from stems and sprays to have hundreds of florals for decorating. They mimic those beautiful gumpaste flowers found on real wedding cakes. The only danger is burning finger tips whilst applying with a glue gun. But I much prefer gluing to squeezing a pastry bag.

Trim, Lace and Upcycling Jewelry

I have also discovered upcycling old jewelry for embellishments. Old pearl style necklaces make an elegant bead border around the edges. Thrift shop earrings are a lovely addition. Lace, fancy trim and ribbon make a nice splash on the sides.

Create Your Own Style of Wrapping

My faux wedding cake wrapping makes for extra special gift giving. I try to upcycle embellishments or purchase end-of-season sales when items are deeply discounted. Have fun with it. Use your own unique fingerprint of style to create gift wrapping with flair. The recipients will be awed and thankful!