I Love Lavender.

The rich purple-blue flower spikes are so picturesque sitting on a window sill or hanging from a door knob.
My passion for its scent began one afternoon 5 years ago. I walked through a door but not just any door. It was the door of a 300 year old stone villa perched on a hilltop village in the Luberon Valley in Provence.

Abbey Of Senanque

My darling sister planned a trip of a lifetime for me to celebrate my birthday in the south of France. My love affair with all things French is well documented amongst family and friends. The author Peter Mayle’s books attributes to my affinity and passion for the taste and style of the French countryside.

Image2Back to the Door.

As I drew my first breath, having passed through the threshold, a divine aroma met my nose. Its enticing scent drew me in. I was smitten. The scent that deeply penetrated all my senses – was lavender. It permeated the French villa. I discovered the stone floors were always wiped with lavender essential oil before the guests arrived. It was absorbed through the floor’s porous surface. The scent lingers for a day or two.

Lavender essential oil is the pure fragrance that is extracted from the plant. You can freshen up a lavender sachet with a few drops of it. I sometimes just open the bottle and breathe in the aroma.

I also dab it on my wrist like perfume. Lavender is so soothing that it lifts my spirit and helps with my mood.

Best Lavender Products

Bronners copyI also enjoy the products that have been infused with lavender oil.  Lavender scented hand soap and liquid soap are found at all my sinks. My favorite is Dr. Bronner’s  Lavender organic pure castile liquid soap .

My daughter treats me occasionally with a gift of  L’OCCITANE Lavender Hand Cream. It is one my absolute favorite lotions.

81hp62QJB6L._SY606_It softens my hands while emanating the wonderful delicate scent of Lavender.  I gently glide my hand casually under my nose for momentary bliss.  

The greatest surprise about lavender was that not only is it beautiful to look at and deeply satisfying to breath in, but you can also eat it. It is a herb after all.  Lavender can stand tall next to parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme. My daughter-in-law introduced me to a salt blend that I just adore –
Parfume De Sel by the Spice and Tea Exchange.   It has a hint of lavender flavor from dried lavender flowers amongst rose petals and cardamon mixed in with the sea salt. It is a special treat on everything I season. Lavender infused toiletries and food items are all small pleasures that enhance my every day.

Regarding the Famous Scent

Two Bottles Of Aroma Oils And Lavender Flowers

English Lavender has the more coveted sweet fragrance and its flowers are the best to use for culinary purposes.  The Lavandin scent is similar but sharper.  French Lavender is more ornamental with a delicate subtle scent used in dry arrangements.  Spanish Lavender is also ornamental with a strong scent.