Tami Sue Webster – Back Story Blogger

My life, our lives, have backstories. Everything we have, everything we believe has been influenced by someone or something. My values, ideas and brands I choose all have a Backstory. It is those stories that I want to share with you.

I thrive on ambience. It makes a difference in all aspects of my life. Care and flare adds graciousness to each day. My life is underscored with rituals and goods that enhance the everyday. I have created inviting spaces and moments on a budget and without an entourage.

I am concerned about environmental stewardship- like recycling, fair trade chocolate and organic veggies.

The opportunities I have had to live and travel in Europe and Asia have added to my eclectic tastes and interests.

I always look for silver linings in life’s stories and strive for inspiration from the ordinary.

Family life is the foundation of most of my experiences. My faith gives purpose and meaning to much that I do.

Here is something I know for certain- you will grow old. This seems impossible when you are in yours 20s, 30s, and 40s. But trust me it happens. Hence you must enjoy the journey.  Each day, year and season should be embraced.