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January 2016

Butterfly Gardening

Great Ideas January 27, 2016

Mother Nature will bring butterflies to your doorstep. Although geography is a factor, they will grace your yard if you provide two types of plants: host plants and nectar plants. You just need to know the difference between these two butterfly garden plants. If you grow them, they will come. Butterfly gardening made easy.

Sumptuous Wrapping

Great Ideas January 21, 2016

Presentation is an art. A beautifully wrapped gift speaks volumes before you open it.  My faux wedding cake gift wrapping idea is simple to follow. The Bride and Groom will be delighted that you created such a sumptuously wrapped gift just for them.


Great Ideas, My Thoughts January 15, 2016

Over a decade ago I read the book, You’ve Got Only Three Seconds. Author Camille Lavington writes that lasting judgements are made in 3 seconds or less. Communication consultants concur that how we appear is strategic for a job interview. Dress for success. Body language is also crucial. Strong handshake, posture and eye contact are all suggested tactics to consider to present a strong positive first impression.