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November 2015

Honey Bees For Christmas

Great Ideas November 28, 2015

A rewarding and fun project this Christmas is giving a Gift with Purpose Themed Basket!  Intentional Giving is a very meaningful way of gifting. The Gift is built around a theme with the central item being purchased through an impact catalogue. Our family has sourced our Intentional Giving through the  World Vision Gift Catalogue. They provide over a hundred animals, items and services that you can donate to families in developing nations.

Exotic Hens Are Hard To Find

Women Who Inspire November 18, 2015

It was 1987 when Martha Stewart signed her first contract with Kmart. She had already published 5 books – with themes on hospitality, recipes and crafts – which I had read every one.  We now have Pinterest, but 30 years ago all we had was Martha!

Scrumptious! Sweet Potato Casserole

Dinner Table November 17, 2015

I always tell people the best two things that came out of our time living in Georgia was our children and my SWEET POTATO PIE Recipe – affectionately known in our family as TAM’S YAMS.  The sweet pecan topping is what makes this outstanding addition to any meal.  This is my most requested recipe. It is a perfect side dish with Sunday Dinner, potlucks and Thanksgiving!