This past  birthday I knew I had to mix things up.  It was a milestone year. The number they say doesn’t matter. But it does indicate certain physical changes that one must address if one still has good sight!

Lancome’s  lipstick “Rendez-Vous” served me well for almost 2 decades. Saying goodbye was such sweet sorrow. Like retiring a China pattern, not everything is timeless.

My new lipstick color is a testament to not losing your edge. Red Lipstick came to the rescue!

I had already dealt with my hair color.  I had arrived on my young hair stylist’s doorstep and said something must be done.  I must take it up a notch. She talked me into pearly blonde. Honestly it seemed outlandish and too risky. But as Mary Poppins would say, “there was a change in the wind” and a new look was needed.  Her choice was perfect.

I Needed Some Pizzazz

profile 1

So on my birthday makeup was the next to be upgraded.  I walked into Sephora a blank palette. Eyeshadow and liner was applied.  I then inquired about about a splash of color for my lips.  A lovely selection of conservative choices were presented. No spice. No Life.

I had been enamored from the moment the makeup artist started helping me with her ruby red lips. I had that defining moment where I thought – why not?  I found myself saying, “I’ll have what you’re wearing.”

Her look was priceless.  I could tell she was hesitant to offer a color of such intensity to this “middle aged woman.”

“Always Red” was a Hit. Red Lipstick it is.

I have seen a thousand shades of lip color but this was the one for this season of my life! The brand is Sephora and color is “Always Red’.  It is not a lipstick but a stain. I didn’t even know what that was. It has to be applied very carefully. It’s a liquid applied with a wand. Like a grade school child you must stay within the lines- lip line.  It has staying power for sure but cannot be applied in a hurry.

Always red lipstick

It’s Old Hollywood

Here is the crazy thing. Of all the clothing choices, hair styles and jewelry pieces I have been complimented on over the years, it’s this lip color that has received the most comments. It just works.

Discovering new colors with hair and makeup is all part of the process of aging. Our unique style will evolve and mature with the “change in the wind.”  Old Hollywood is the descriptive a dear friend pegged my new look. I am so good with that.

Embracing the changes was honestly daunting but it’s all part of the journey.


Old Hollywood Glam