Petunia Bordeaux, Stole My Heart

What I Love April 17, 2017

I saw it and in an instant I knew her blossoms would replace my first love. I am referring to the plant I spotted recently gracefully spilling forth from window boxes.

Buy Less. Buy Better. Be Involved!

My Thoughts March 15, 2017

We love a deal! We love fashion! So “Fast Fashion” seems to be every girl’s dream. Fast Fashion is inexpensive clothing that is so cheap we binge buy. It is essentially disposable clothing. As it turns out cheap clothing has a dramatic impact on the environment and the workers who make them. Fast Fashion has a higher cost than we ever imagined.

Butterfly Gardening

Great Ideas January 27, 2016

Mother Nature will bring butterflies to your doorstep. Although geography is a factor, they will grace your yard if you provide two types of plants: host plants and nectar plants. You just need to know the difference between these two butterfly garden plants. If you grow them, they will come. Butterfly gardening made easy.

Fair is the Heart

Great Ideas January 20, 2017

Your heart started beating before anyone knew you were conceived.  It is the first internal organ to be formed and starts beating 16 days after conception. A human heart will beat some three billion times over an average lifespan. Amazing. No wonder the heart is the international symbol for love. The heart is also the most popular image associated with Valentine’s Day.

A Hen’s Lifestyle Matters

Dinner Table August 24, 2016

What kind of eggs do I buy? Just tell me. My brain is on overload. I am lost in the terms: free-range, free-run, cage-free and now PASTURE RAISED.  Another hen lifestyle I need to consider! Alas it seems this latest farm marketing term – Pasture Raised eggs represent the best choice in hen happiness.