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Breast is Best

My Thoughts March 25, 2018

In the late seventies I was a teenager with a passion for social justice.  When I learned that thousands of babies in Africa were dying from formula mixed with unsanitary water I got involved. Nestlé used unethical marketing practices to promote the use of formula over breast milk. A boycott of Nestlé products ensued.  No more Nesquik or Toll House semi-sweet chocolate chip cookies. My commitment has lasted  40 years!


My Thoughts May 15, 2017

We love a deal! We love fashion! So “Fast Fashion” seems to be every girl’s dream. Fast Fashion is inexpensive clothing that is so cheap we binge buy. It is essentially disposable clothing. As it turns out cheap clothing has a dramatic impact on the environment and the workers who make them. Fast Fashion has a higher cost than we ever imagined.

It takes 3 seconds

Great Ideas, My Thoughts January 15, 2016

Over a decade ago I read the book, You’ve Got Only Three Seconds. Author Camille Lavington writes that lasting judgements are made in 3 seconds or less. Communication consultants concur that how we appear is strategic for a job interview. Dress for success. Body language is also crucial. Strong handshake, posture and eye contact are all suggested tactics to consider to present a strong positive first impression.