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A Hen’s Lifestyle Matters

Dinner Table August 24, 2016

What kind of eggs do I buy? Just tell me. My brain is on overload. I am lost in the terms: free-range, free-run, cage-free and now PASTURE RAISED.  Another hen lifestyle I need to consider! Alas it seems this latest farm marketing term – Pasture Raised eggs represent the best choice in hen happiness.

Olive Oil 101

Dinner Table February 4, 2016

Twenty years ago a professional cook suggested I use First Cold-Pressed, Extra Virgin Olive Oil. As a young homemaker I dutifully followed her recommendation. It is only now that I am unwrapping what all the verbage means.

One Nasty Ingredient

Dinner Table January 8, 2016

To write this article I will have to admit to watching KUWTK -the Kardashians reality tv show.  I can’t pinpoint the fascination with these 5 sisters but on occasion I am intrigued.  A snippet from a recent episode inspired this blog. Khloe’s struggle to pronounce “hydrogenated oil” was a beacon to my ears.