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Tami Sue Webster

My life, our lives, have backstories. Everything we have, everything we believe has been influenced by someone or something. My values, ideas and brands I choose all have a Backstory. It is those stories that I want to share with you.


Dinner Table, Great Ideas October 5, 2018

I have finally learned the culinary secret to a hardboiled egg that peels perfect everytime. This has been adult pursuit of mine and I have only just mastered it. I am also stymied by the sheer number of types of eggs now available: caged, free-range, free-run, cage-free and now PASTURE RAISED.  You can even  purchase Mayo with Cage Free Eggs. Apparently the housing of the hen is the heart of the matter. 

Breast is Best

My Thoughts March 25, 2018

In the late seventies I was a teenager with a passion for social justice.  When I learned that thousands of babies in Africa were dying from formula mixed with unsanitary water I got involved. Nestlé used unethical marketing practices to promote the use of formula over breast milk. A boycott of Nestlé products ensued.  No more Nesquik or Toll House semi-sweet chocolate chip cookies. My commitment has lasted  40 years!

A Dog’s Legacy

What I Love January 29, 2018

Our family pets were a Golden Retriever named Rosie and rescued Jack Russell affectionately known as Dixie Doodle. We shared living space for almost 20 years. Our family of four was made more complete with the antics and unconditional love of these two dogs.