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March 2017

The Ethical Easter Egg

Great Ideas March 30, 2017

Easter is the most powerful of  Christian observances. Resurrection Sunday is full of hope and celebration!   After a sunrise church service our children would come home to discover chocolate eggs placed under pillows, on window sills and in the cereal box. As the children grew scavenger hunts with prizes of clothing items and books became part of the tradition along with solid milk chocolate bunnies.  It is the choice of Fair Trade chocolate which I believe is so important.

Buy Less. Buy Better. Be Involved!

My Thoughts March 15, 2017

We love a deal! We love fashion! So “Fast Fashion” seems to be every girl’s dream. Fast Fashion is inexpensive clothing that is so cheap we binge buy. It is essentially disposable clothing. As it turns out cheap clothing has a dramatic impact on the environment and the workers who make them. Fast Fashion has a higher cost than we ever imagined.