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Fair is the Heart

Great Ideas January 20, 2017

Your heart started beating before anyone knew you were conceived.  It is the first internal organ to be formed and starts beating 16 days after conception. A human heart will beat some three billion times over an average lifespan. Amazing. No wonder the heart is the international symbol for love. The heart is also the most popular image associated with Valentine’s Day.

Mother And Her Son Having Fun On The Beach

Shaping Our Child’s Destiny

Women Who Inspire August 19, 2016

We can never ever underestimate the influence we have on our children! We are always looking for inspiration to get it right. I have stumbled on one woman’s story whose grit and a determination through the rollercoaster of life is the ultimate role model for motherhood.

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Butterfly Gardening

Great Ideas January 27, 2016

Mother Nature will bring butterflies to your doorstep. Although geography is a factor, they will grace your yard if you provide two types of plants: host plants and nectar plants. You just need to know the difference between these two butterfly garden plants. If you grow them, they will come. Butterfly gardening made easy.

A Hen’s Lifestyle Matters

Dinner Table August 24, 2016

What kind of eggs do I buy? Just tell me. My brain is on overload. I am lost in the terms: free-range, free-run, cage-free and now PASTURE RAISED.  Another hen lifestyle I need to consider! Alas it seems this latest farm marketing term – Pasture Raised eggs represent the best choice in hen happiness.

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